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A customised audio stand

Futureglass have gained an enviable reputation among hi-fi enthusiasts for technologically-advanced glass audio stands that take sonic performance even further. Now Futureglass are pushing the boundaries again with the option of audio stands customised to individual requirements.

Thatís as well as a whole raft of standard choices and options like stainless steel or wooden legs to match other furniture, black glass and cable management. With customised glass audio stands from Futureglass, you can create the audio storage solution to match your exact needs and your interior design style. Aesthetics and performance - what a combination and no need to compromise.

So with tape measure and notebook ready, create your personal audio storage solution. Talk to your Futureglass retailer and they will arrange for a customised audio stand to be built to your specification. Tell us how many shelves you need, the dimensions, the finish and whether you want cable management included.

Your customised audio stand will be designed and built in the UK by glass furniture specialists who really understand music. Of course, quality and performance come as standard. Futureglass audio stands provide an innovative, vibration-managed hi-fi equipment rack for hi-fi separates and other audio equipment. This technologically-advanced audio stand features precision-engineered components and an innovative push-fit system that effectively smothers vibration.

If you want more, we can incorporate floor standing points engineered from stainless steel to diminish vibration. The spikes minimise the contact area with vibration-laden floors, while optional spike cups provide a vibration-free interface. If youíre a real perfectionist, you can take the sound purity of your hi-fi equipment rack one step further with the option of 8.4mm Acoustilamô glass. Acoustilam is formed with an interlayer of highly-effective vibration-deadening PVB resin within the structure of the glass. Any airborne vibrations are removed by this vibration-absorbing layer which stretches across the whole of the glass, not simply the uprights.

Thatís the performance. As for looks, thereís a great choice to match any interior style and create that coordinated contemporary look and feel - clear, coloured or black glass matched with stainless steel or wooden supports in cherry, walnut or dark wenge.

Itís great when audio stands look clean and open, but how can you conceal those essential, but untidy cables in a way that enhances the style and performance of the system. The precision-engineered cable management solution for Futureglass audio stands provides a simple, elegant, made-to-measure method of concealing cables, while enhancing the overall appearance of the system.