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BS6206 BS EN 12150-2:2004 \(Previously BS6206\)

BS6206 is the British Standards Institute’s safety standard introduced to regulate the use of flat glass within buildings. Its aim is to reduce the number and severity of cutting and piercing injuries as a result of an accident with glass. All of the 10mm glass used in Futureglass products is toughened to meet or exceed the toughest category of this standard, category A.

Since this standard was withdrawn and updated with BS EN 12150-2:2004 as a european standard Futureglass is pleased to ensure that it conforms to the new standard.

We complete non-destructive testing on every batch of glass we use. Our procedures have been independently verified with the awarding of a range certificate of safety from FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association). To reinforce our own safety procedures, we supply care instructions for all products illustrating their correct usage.

The illustration shows an example of safety glass that we have broken to test the conformity of the fragments that form.

The image provided below is of the dangerous shards resulting from inferior, non-safety glass breaking.