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Bespoke service overview

Give customers even more choice
The Futureglass product range comes with a massive range of options that enable you and your customers to create the equivalent of bespoke products. However, If your customers have a need for options that arenít covered by the choices shown on our product information sheets, give us a call. We can customise products with different bespoke shapes, colours, finishes or materials.

Bespoke products exclusive to your business
We can go even further by customising products for individual businesses. This enables you to offer your customers exclusive products that add even more value to your offer. We have flexible manufacturing facilities to incorporate customised features quickly and easily, with low minimum order quantities on customised products.

Futureglass is a British glass furniture manufacturer with the flexibility to customise our own existing designs and supply bespoke products with a lead time of just 4-6 weeks. We pride ourselves on our problem solving ability and always welcome the opportunity to tackle the unusual. In this section, youíll find examples of some of the bespoke products we have created.

Click here for guidelines on ordering bespoke products