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Coloured Glass types

When you say you supply coloured safety glass, what does that mean?

The coloured glass used in our contemporary glass furniture or glass tops is not tinted. It is clear toughened safety glass which is vinyled or back painted (depending on the application) to give the glass top its coloured effect. (Link to coloured glass page)

We can offer tinted safety glass in black, smoked grey, bronze and other colours. However, costs are generally higher than our normal coloured safety glass option. This is because the order has to be produced as a one off or lower quantity. We produce hundreds of each size of glass furniture or glass top at a time. The cumulative effect is that costs of glass furniture with tinted glass are higher owing to raw material costs and secondly, producing a one off or lower quantity. Our efficient glass furniture manufacturing process limits the costs involved in this, so we aim to be as efficient as possible for these smaller quantities. However, as a bonus, once we are producing glass furniture that is not standard, we are able to change sizes, shape, or add holes and other features for only a small additional cost, so why not make it really special!