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Frameless glass shower screens

The Futureglass Shower Screen provides a simple, stylish and innovative solution for wet rooms in contemporary bathrooms. The screen is made from toughened glass, conforming to British Standard BS 6206A. The supporting rods simply screw into bosses prebonded to the screen, using Futureglassí patented UV bonding technique. The result is an elegant frameless screen with no need for hooks over the top of the shower screen or holes in the glass.

The support rods, which can be supplied in different lengths, are easily adjusted to the final dimensions of the enclosure. Twisting the rod allows the screen to be adjusted parallel to the wall. The unit is supplied in kit form, with a choice of screen sizes, support rod lengths, materials and finishes, allowing manufacturers to create a range of screens or bespoke solutions, without major investment.

Like other glass furniture from Futureglass, the Shower Screen offers an innovative solution that isnít just versatile, itís also great to look at. The glass and steel components create a minimal appearance and the cleanest lines of any shower screen on the market.

The Shower Screen, like other glass furniture from Futureglass, is a superb example of contemporary British design, manufactured in the UK.