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Furniture as a set

Turn TV and speaker storage from mis-matched units to modular, high-performance audio-visual storage

If youíve built up a collection of individual TV cabinets, speaker stands or LCD stands, youíll know the frustration of trying to create a coordinated look. TV stands and speaker stands were designed for individual purposes, but there is a better way and it doesnít just look good, it could enhance your viewing and listening pleasure.

Futureglass modular glass and stainless steel audio-visual stands provide a more practical and attractive alternative to individual TV units and speaker stands by providing versatile vibration-managed support for any combination of plasma screens, televisions, home cinema, LCD units, home entertainment systems and other audio-visual equipment. And they are designed to take sound and visual performance even further.

The units are available in a massive choice of shelf heights to suit all your television, plasma screen, home cinema or audio-visual components. The top shelf has an option of space for centre speaker support. And they are easy to assemble too. With a massive choice of shelf heights, you can get rid of those mis-matched TV cabinets, speaker stands and LCD stands and create any configuration you like .... and you donít have to worry about fasteners.

The real bonus is that a dedicated audio-visual storage solution like this, engineered to reduce vibration, can take your home entertainment experience into a new dimension. This technologically-advanced home cinema storage solution from Futureglass is designed in the UK by glass furniture specialists who really understand sound and vision. It features precision-engineered components and an innovative push-fit system that effectively smother vibration. Glass shelves supported by four stainless steel columns fit over stainless steel bosses bonded onto the glass. The difference is that the bosses and supporting columns are isolated from each other by a double set of vibration-deadening O-rings, creating a sturdy platform with no room for movement between components.

Like other furniture from Futureglass, modular audio-visual storage units offer an innovative solution that isnít just technically advanced, itís also great to look at. The stainless steel and glass components create a minimal appearance and the cleanest lines of any storage racks on the market. And they look great in any room.