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 Glass sandblasting services in Essex

Glass sandblasting services in Essex

Futureglass offers companies in Essex and East Anglia a range of glass sandblasting services. Futureglass is a manufacturer of high-quality glass furniture and has invested in specialist glass sandblasting equipment such as the Fratellie Pezza automatic variable system that is capable of producing a wide range of unique patterns and special effects.

Futureglass has the sandblasting capability to produce opaque glass, as well as effects such as company logos or special lettering. We use graduated sandblasting to control the depth of the pattern and create exciting 3D effects with different layers. Futureglass has also developed a unique stencil system to create repeat patterns.

Futureglass provides a fast turnaround for glass sandblasting. We can sandblast your own glass or supply sandblasted glass to your specification. The maximum glass height for sandblasting is 2400 mm. As well as our automated Fratellie Pezza system, we also have a manual hand blaster. Glass can be supplied with Ritek coating to protect the design and make it easy to clean.