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Guidelines for bespoke orders

Give customers even more choice
The Futureglass product range comes with a massive range of options that enable you and your customers to create the equivalent of bespoke products. However, If your customers have a need for options that aren’t covered by the choices shown on our product information sheets, give us a call. We can customise products with different colours, finishes or materials. Just give us the details and we’ll deliver normally within 28 days.

Bespoke products exclusive to your business
We can go even further by customising products for individual businesses. This enables you to offer your customers exclusive products that add even more value to your offer. We have flexible manufacturing facilities to incorporate customised features quickly and easily, with a low minimum order quantities on customised products.

Ordering customised products
To help us produce customised products, it’s important to provide as much information as possible. If you know your exact requirements, we can then advise on the best method for manufacture. The more information we are given on the use of the product, the better.

To help us, please supply the following information:

• Please supply a drawing with accurate dimensions
• What product is the custom item based on?
• Is it an adaptation of an existing product or something completely different?
• What is the preferred custom colour?
• What is the preferred custom finish?
• What is the preferred custom material?

Once we have the information, we will:

• Call to confirm that we can make the custom product.
• Provide detailed options.
• Cost the preferred option.
• Advise a delivery date.

Manufacturing a new product
If the product you require is to be made from different materials and is essentially a completely new product, we would be happy to simply manufacture to instruction. However, we would have no input on products outside our area of expertise.

We treat new products or new components of your finished product as bespoke items, rather than customisation of existing products. We strongly recommend that new products like this are thoroughly tested to our satisfaction.

For new products, please refer to our terms and conditions of trade, specifically clause 13 -terms of manufacture. If you give us instructions to make a product, we cannot accept liability for its safety, particularly if we are only making a component.

As with customised products, the better the information you can supply, the faster the lead time for manufacture.