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Importance of good support in your system

There are plenty of performance tests for hi-fi equipment, but how do you compare hi-fi racks? Does it really matter? Futureglass, UK glass furniture specialists who really understand music, believe that the hi-fi rack plays an integral role in pushing sonic performance even further.

Vibration is public enemy number one for any hi-fi enthusiast, so Futureglass build in a whole range of innovative vibration-busting technologies into their hi-fi equipment racks. How well does your hi-fi stand compare?

Take a look at the joints. The Futureglass GEM range features precision-engineered components and an innovative push-fit system that effectively smothers vibration, a must-have for any hi-fi equipment rack. Engineered support tubes dock precisely on to pre-bonded stainless steel bosses with connections that are sealed and silenced by special O-rings. A hi-fi rack that features decoupled joints creates a piece of hi-fi furniture that is both sonically efficient and visually attractive.

If you want to squeeze out even more vibration from your hi-fi rack, focus on the glass. You can take the sound purity of your hi-fi equipment rack one step further with the option of 8.4mm Acoustilamô glass. Acoustilam is formed with an interlayer of highly-effective vibration-deadening PVB resin within the structure of the glass. Any airborne vibrations are removed by this vibration-absorbing layer which stretches across the whole of the glass, not simply the uprights.

Still looking for more? Unless youíre sitting perfectly still in a locked room, vibration from the floor could ruin your listening pleasure. There is a way of isolating your hi-fi equipment from this threat. Floor standing points for Futureglass hi-fi racks are engineered from stainless steel to diminish vibration. The spikes minimise the contact area with vibration-laden floors, while optional spike cups provide a vibration-free interface.

When youíre looking for a hi-fi equipment rack, make sure it measures up to the ultimate vibration test. The Futureglass GEM range of hi-fi racks offers an innovative solution that isnít just technically advanced, itís also great to look at as a piece of hi-fi furniture. The stainless steel and glass components create a minimal appearance and the cleanest lines of any hi-fi rack on the market. This contemporary design looks great in any room setting.