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 BS6206 BS EN 12150-2:2004 (Previously BS6206)
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Order Fulfilment

As a quality-led manufacturer, we recognise that we must be flexible enough to deliver to exacting requirements and short lead times, yet have strict processes to ensure industry- leading quality. We are currently working towards independent accreditation of our ISO9001 procedures, which we already operate in practice.

We utilise 'lean' manufacturing processes and operate a policy of continuous improvement to reduce lead times, costs and waste while ensuring we can deliver the right product at the right time to the right quality. The Futureglass production process enables us to build your product individually when we receive the order. Futureglass products are not mass-produced - they are built to order by specialists from standard components manufactured to our exacting standards.

This ensures that we can focus on what we do best, and give you maximum choice. However, if our standard sizes or finishes are not what you require, we can manufacture bespoke products, customised to your exact needs. This can include shapes, materials or dimensions not available from any other source.