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Product and packaging recycling

Please contact us for the latest information on recycling and end of life information.

Packaging design is at the forefront of our minds.

We are currently looking at using 100% recyclable packaging. It is critical that the product arrives in perfect condition every time, and packaging used is minimised to the point of becoming ineffective.

For our tables we commonly use Instapak foam mouldings that we have tested. These have a memory on them, so can take a repeat damage. They compress in landfill, and can be sent to instapak for recycling. More information is shown on the Instapak® Foam Packaging

Our hifi products use 100% cardboard packaging, and we offer the producer the opportunity to use screen printed board that has been misprinted or is waste material. This does not affect the quality of the function of the packaging, but perhaps the appearance from time to time. We hope that you do not mind this.

When we package our products we consider the following.

- Are we installing the product?
- Does the installer have facilities for disposal of the packaging we use?
- Is the item going to be forwarded from our customer to an end user once the store will forward onto the customer once received and checked from us?
- If City Link are delivering next day, will the item need 100% maximum protection
- If we are delivering, can the item be lightly protected as we will secure it in the van and provide the necessary protection to it, but will consider its onward journey and discuss this with the customer, or listen to specific requests.
We consider the customers needs as a priority, and the following factors relating to our environmental impact whilst making our delivery decision.

- What is the distance from Futureglass to delivery address?
- Can we group shipments to make most use of transport miles?
- Can we have a salesman drop off to save transport miles?
- If there is no opportunity to have packaging saved by using our own vehicle, and distance is great, then send on an overnight courier ‘public transport for parcels’
- What is the size of the item? Is it too big to go via City Link and would require us to deliver instead as it requires careful handling?
- Is the item being installed? How many people are required?