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Retail Signage

Glass signage from Futureglass offers a visually-attractive, tough and durable solution for interior and exterior applications. Glass, with its clean lines and inherent design flexibility, is an ideal material for contemporary signage for use in reception areas, entrance signage, direction signs and retail point-of-sale signage. The new range of signage from Futureglass offers a visually-attractive, tough and durable solution. Futureglass UV bonding techniques mean you can mount the sign on a variety of materials.

The Futureglass range represents the first commercially-available bonded glass signage. With the protection of our own patent, we are confident of taking the process of UV bonding from indoor applications to the extremes of all year round exterior use. The glass signs are available in a range of colours and finishes and they are suitable for screen printing, engraving or other techniques. Futureglass signs are manufactured in the UK from high-quality materials for long life and easy maintenance.

Futureglassí aim is to introduce a comprehensive range of signage for business and retail applications with a 7-day lead time. Currently we offer project-based glass signage, which has been used by a number of prestigious locations and brand names.