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TV storage - make a stand for style

The TV in the corner looks great, but why do you have to put up with a stand that clashes with all the other furniture in the room and reveals unsightly cables running in all directions?

With the new Futureglass range of glass television stands, you can forget those problems and get your act together on the style front. Weíre talking about modular glass TV stands that come with a choice of stainless steel or wooden legs and the option of cable management.

Now you can coordinate your television stand with the other furniture in the room to create a harmonious style that says relaxation, not conflict. If youíve built up a collection of individual TV cabinets, speaker stands or LCD stands, youíll know the frustration of trying to create a coordinated look. Now thereís a better way.

If you like the clean look of glass and stainless steel, choose the Futureglass television stand with legs to match. But if wood is part of your look, we can offer you the choice of glass TV stands with legs in cherry, walnut or dark wenge. And with black glass becoming more popular, you can continue that theme on your TV stand as well.

Itís great when TV stands look clean and open, but how can you conceal those essential, but untidy cables in a way that enhances the style and performance of the system. The precision-engineered cable management solution for Futureglass TV stands provides a simple, elegant, made-to-measure method of concealing cables, while enhancing the overall appearance of the system.

A precision aluminum extrusion fits the two rear columns of the Futureglass storage unit and supports a made-to-measure acrylic sheet that closes the back of the unit, concealing the cables and putting the focus firmly back on the system. The Futureglass cable management solution improves the overall aesthetics of the system, blending with the clean glass lines and complementing the open frame appearance. The acrylic back panels are available in a range of sizes to suit different shelf heights and spacings. They can be supplied in black or frosted white acrylic to match the glass of the audio units. The acrylic panels are fitted to the aluminum extrusions by rubber mountings that do not transmit vibration, contributing to enhanced sonic performance.

Like other furniture from Futureglass, glass television stands offer an innovative solution that isnít just technically advanced, itís also great to look at. The components create a minimal appearance and the cleanest lines of any storage solution on the market. And they look great in any room.