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Where is glass furniture heading

Glass furniture is now firmly established as the choice for contemporary living. But where is it heading as we move into the new decade? Will stainless steel continue to be the natural partner for glass, or is wood making a comeback? What about the glass itself, are we staying clear, or getting more adventurous in our choice of colours and finishes.

One thing is for sure, glass is finding its way into more and more of the furniture we choose. You donít just find it on glass topped dining tables, glass coffee tables or glass audio storage systems. Home office furniture is adopting the same stylish pose, with contemporary glass-topped desks and meeting tables helping to blend working areas seamlessly with the home and creating a great work-life balance.

Glass and stainless steel furniture have long been symbolic of contemporary living, but weíre seeing increasing partnerships of glass with other materials. That means you can coordinate your glass furniture with other furniture in a room to create a harmonious style that says relaxation, not conflict. If youíve built up a collection of individual items of furniture in different materials, youíll know the frustration of trying to create a coordinated look. Now thereís a better way. If you like the clean look of glass and stainless steel, stay with it. But if wood is part of your look, we can offer you the choice of glass furniture with legs in cherry, walnut or dark wenge. Not just on glass dining tables or coffee tables, but across glass audio and television stands and glass home cinema storage systems.

Glass furniture is going ŗ la carte in choice of colours, you donít have to put up with a standard plain glass top. With Futureglass dining tables, you can choose from a menu of black glass, coloured glass, frosted glass, or glass that incorporates text, images or other graphics. Take black glass, for example. Black glass furniture is cool, sophisticated and stylish, and itís great for harmonising with any interior style. Pair glass dining tables with stylish glass audio support systems or glass coffee tables. Maybe you want your glass furniture in a particular colour to create a mood or complement other favourite furniture. We can provide precise colour matching to a specific colour, such as a Dulux, RAL or BS colour number so you can get the closest possible match to your furniture or interior design scheme.

Itís an exciting time for glass furniture, so check out the latest styles and products on our website and see what the new decade has to offer.